Can you believe it's just a few days away from October?  I mean, WOW... we are already in the 10th month of 2011.  It just feels crazy.  I remember in January feeling like June was so far away, and how I was just ready for the wedding festivities to begin.  And now in just a matter of time, we've been married almost 4 months.  It's crazy how time flies by the older you get.  I can remember being a kid and it feeling like it took Christmas so long to get here, but now it seems like Christmas just comes quicker and quicker.  It's only 3 months away, and that'll be here before we know it!

Enough of talking about how time flies by.  With October just around the corner, I have set some new goals for myself for the upcoming month.  I am really excited and pumped for October!  I love the fall, and to me October kicks fall off!  Football, cooler weather, pumpkins, leaves changing...mmm!  I am mostly excited about October because I am certain I'm going to see some good results as far as health & fitness goes in the upcoming month.  The owner and head trainer of the bootcamp I attend, Melissa Cox has chosen me to be her "project"!  She will be working closely with me as a mentor on my exercise and eating.  She has an eating plan and 28 day challenge I will participate in, and of course I will still be doing my bootcamp sessions 3-4x a week.  I am really excited and think that with her help, I am going to see some major results!  I am also going to sign up for a 5K that will take place November 5th.  I am hoping that I will be able to run most of it by then.  I'm also going to work on become a "runner" this next month.  I truly believe that with hard work and determination I will be able to meet the goals I made for myself back in January before the end of the year!  And I still have 3 months to do that as well.  I don't know a lot of details about what Melissa will be doing with me just yet.  I just agreed to participate this week, and she is working out all the details and suppose to be getting back with me soon.  I will be sure to post my journey and progress on here as well.  I do know that we will be doing some before and after photos, some blogging, the 28 days challenge, the bootcamp and I'm no sure what else.  I just know this is a GREAT opportunity and I feel honored that she has chosen me to work with!  :)

What are your goals for October?  My fitness goals are to continue getting stronger, healthier and more fit, and to also work on becoming a "runner".  I also am hoping that Clete and I will find a LifeGroup to get involved with and become more active with our church.  I think these are all feasible goals and I hope at the end of October I can look back and say I worked on achieving each of them.  until next time...xoxo  


friends. football. fall.

friends, football, fall... three words that sum up our weekend pretty well!
Friday evening we had some friends over for dinner.  Everything went great, just as I had anticipated!  The meal turned out great (thank goodness since I was the cook), and we all had a great time together.  After dinner, another couple came over and hung out for a while.  Us girls stayed inside, sipped on wine and had girl talk, while the guys sat out on the porch and did whatever guys do. It was a very chill and low key evening, but it was great!  Matt & Lindsey, and Austin & Megan are both great couples and wonderful friends.  I really enjoyed having them over at our house and look to do it again soon!
*the sangria and enchiladas were both hits!  Matt & Lindsey also loved my homemade guacamole!

Saturday morning my alarm went off at 8:15AM.  I got up and headed to the makeup session of bootcamp that was offered that day.  After bootcamp, I had a few errands to run and then it was home to shower and get ready for gameday.  We hit the road about 12:30PM.  We made a pit stop at Tucker's for lunch, and then ventured down I-35 to Norman.  I made my round on Campus Corner first, and then it was off to tailgate.  We tailgated from about 3PM until shortly after 6PM, and the it was time to head to the game!  We had great seats, thanks to Marty and Denise!  We are very appreciative and fortunate they asked to come.  The game was a little bit of a nail biter at the beginning, but the Sooners pulled through and came out with another WIN!   After the game we headed home and called it a night since it was close to 1AM when we pulled in the garage.

Sunday morning we slept in kind of late, and then it was a quick rush to get around for church.  I'm so glad we didn't just decide to skip because Craig preached a great message that I needed to hear.  After church we had lunch at Cafe 7, one our of favorite local spots and then ran a couple errands. One stop was Bath & Body for some pumpkin patch candles... mmmm!  We then went home and spent the rest of the afternoon being lazy for the most part.  I did put out the pumpkin candles, and a few fall things.  I want to get some pumpkins and mums for outside, so maybe I'll do that this coming weekend.  The fall arrangement I have on my buffet was an idea I got from Pinterest.  I bought the mini pumpkins at the store, and put them in my big glass vase with some green moss.  I already had the vase and moss, so I only spent like $4 on it because I only had to buy the pumpkins.
I am loving this vase, and I'm so glad my Aunt Sharon got it off our registry for us because I've used it for so many different things. It has come in great for all seasons, and I can't wait to come up with something fun for Christmas in it.  It also goes great on the table as a centerpiece, the buffet, or in the living room.  It's a fabulous piece of decor to have!  :)

That pretty much sums up our weekend.  It was another good one in the books!  I cannot believe it's almost October, time really does fly by faster the older you get.  I'm looking forward to the upcoming weekend because my parents are suppose to be coming to town to see us.  I always enjoy when they come to visit!  Hope everyone has a fabulous week!!  until next time...xoxo



It's Friday and I am one happy girl today!  It's payday, the first day of fall, dinner party day and gameday eve!  I am definitely looking forward to this weekend.  It should be a GREAT one!  This evening, we are having our friends over for dinner, tomorrow morning I have bootcamp and then we will be heading down to Norman for a day full of tailgating & football, and Sunday we have church and I am planning to get our house decorated for fall that afternoon.  Can't wait to put out the pumpkin spice candles.... mmmm!

Last night I got everything prepped and ready for our dinner party this evening.  Enchiladas just need to be baked, beans heated and guacamole made.  The table is set and ready!  And so is the sangria!!  ;)  I will be sure to post how everything goes, but I am expecting it to be a fun evening! Here's a little sneak peak of what we'll be eating and the table setting....

excited to use some of the nice dinner things we received as wedding gifts including the adorable paisley napkins. giving it a "fall look" since today is the first official day of fall! 

chicken enchiladas with all the fixings are what's on the menu and chocolate cream pie for dessert! yummy!!

Hope you have a happy Friday and a great weekend friends!!  until next time...xoxo


95 days

Take a guess?  95 days until Christmas!  I know, I know... fall just arrived and it isn't even Halloween, but it will be here before we know it! It really is the most wonderful time of the year.  I love Christmas time; the tree, lights, music, wrapping & giving gifts, family, friends, sending & receiving Christmas cards, the cheer in the air, everything about it is great!

I have already ordered our Christmas cards and I am anxiously waiting for the proof!  They will be "Merry Married Christmas" since this is our first Christmas together as a married couple.  I have not started on my shopping yet, but plan to do that soon.  I'm just not too sure what everyone will be getting this year.  I do know what I'll be getting for a couple gifts, but the others I haven't figured out yet.  It seems like every year it gets more difficult to buy because none of us need anything.  Of course, we all have a list of "wants" but none of them are really needs that we must have to survive. I'd love to go get multiple angels from the angel tree and buy for them instead of for us.  Maybe I will throw that idea to my husband...

What's the most surprising gift you have ever received for Christmas?  And what is the favorite gift that you've given to someone else?

For me, I would have to say the most surprising gift I have received was our washer and dryer my parents gave us last year.  Clete and I were both shocked!  We moved into our house in January, and it was something we really needed because the apartment was furnished with one.  It was a GREAT surprise to us both and something that gets used multiple times a week.
When it comes to giving gifts, the older I have gotten the more I enjoy it.  I love trying to find that special thing to surprise someone, and then seeing their face when they open it.  Last year, my sister and I got OKC Thunder tickets for my Dad and Clete.  That was probably my favorite gift that I've given because they were both shocked when they opened them and so excited!!  If I would have only had my camera out to capture their faces when they opened them.  :)

I'm planning on pulling out my pumpkins and fall stuff this weekend.  I'm ready to plant mums and have the scent of pumpkin spice in the air.  And after we've had fall and harvest at our house for a while, it will be time to drag out the tree and get it ready for the Christmas season.  until next time...xoxo        

wedding book.

On Tuesday, there was a Groupon for a photobook from Shutterfly.  I've been wanting to do a photobook of some of our wedding pics, but they all seemed so pricey.  The Groupon was only $10 for a 20 page 8x8 hard cover photobook, so of course I bought it because it was a great deal! :)

I created our book and cannot wait to receive it.  It will be fun to have a small "album" of our special day.  I have all 700+ wedding pics on CDs, but there is just something special about a book you can pull out and look at.  I added 16 pages, making it 36 pages total so that cost a little extra.  I got the whole book, plus shipping for less than $40.  And if I wouldn't have had the Groupon, just a 20 page book alone would have been that price or more. So I feel like I got a great deal!  If we really like the book (in person), I may create one for each set of our parents for a Christmas gift. I think that would be a great gift for each of them because it was a special time for us all.  You can check it out here:

I cannot wait to come home and find this package on the porch.  It will be a surprise for Clete, he has no idea I ordered it.  I will be anxiously awaiting it's arrival!  :)  until next time...xoxo


planning our first dinner party!

Well, maybe it isn't really a dinner party but we are having another couple over for dinner Friday evening.  I am really excited about it!  This will be the very first time we've had friends over and I've cooked.  We've done take out several times with others, but this time I'm planning and preparing the meal!  So in my mind, I'm calling it a dinner party.  :)  I will be sure to write a post on how it goes.

what's on the menu:
chicken enchiladas
refried beans
mexican rice
chips, salsa, & homemade guacamole
chocolate cream pie for dessert

This will be my first attempt at the pie, but I am thinking positive that it'll turn out great!  I've done some looking, and have come up with a super easy recipe for it.  And it'll be super easy!  I will share after I prepare it for our guests and make sure it gets approval from them. Everything else I've pretty much made before.  The enchiladas call for ground beef, but Lindsey doesn't eat red meat so I'm doing them with chicken.  When my sister and I made them last time, we thought they might be better with chicken anyways.  They're The Pioneer Woman  enchiladas and they are yummy!  Actually, there isn't a thing I haven't liked that I've had from The Pioneer Woman cookbook.  It's great, and makes cooking really easy because it has LOTS of pictures.  Thanks to my Mom, I own the cookbook.  It was my sister and I's Valentine's Day gifts from her and my Dad this year.  She bought Clete a golf book since he really isn't into cooking.

I am also going to make a sangria.  Sangria is one of my very favorite adult beverages, and it goes great with mexican food.  :)  Yes, it even wins over a margarita in my book.  I just cannot do tequila very well, my stomach doesn't like it very much. A good frozen one every now and then is great though!  This sangria is similar to the white sangria I made a little while back, but  I'll be making it with red wine, and more "fall fruits" this time.

I'll be sure to post how the dinner party goes.  I think it's going to be great!  It will be a fun evening, with the good company of friends!  I can't wait to be the hostess, it's something I've looked forward to doing ever since we got our house.  Finally, 9 months after moving in, I am getting to entertain. until next time... xoxo 

garlic teriyaki shrimp

After re-finding my motivation last week, I decided that it is a MUST to cook at home most nights of the week. Last Wednesday evening after work I went home and cleaned out our fridge, freezer and pantry.  I got rid of all of the junk and "trigger foods".  Clete worked out of town most of last week, so once we were home from Texas Sunday evening he opened up the pantry and said, "where did everything go? We don't have anything to eat."

Since we didn't get back until late Sunday, the grocery store had to wait until Monday after work. Once I got off, I headed that way with my list.  I stocked up on fresh fruits & veggies, and healthy snacks.  For "treats" I got us sugar free popsicles and low sugar fudge bars. Monday evening we had turkey hot dogs on whole wheat buns for dinner.

Last night, I decided I was going to try out a new marinade that I found.  I found it at the kitchen store at the new outlet mall, but I've seen the brand other places as well.  It's the Stonewall Kitchen, garlic teriyaki sauce. It would be great on chicken, or maybe even steak but last night we had it with shrimp. It was yummy!
Yesterday morning after bootcamp I came home and weighed out the shrimp.  I then tossed them in the marinade (probably around 1/4 cup) and cover them in a mixing bowl in the fridge and they sat the remainder of the day.  After getting home from work, I got changed into my comfy clothes and began dinner.  Since there is a burn ban in effect right now, I just decided to cook them on my grill pan on the stove.  They turned out great!  Clete and I both really liked dinner last night.  I served the shrimp with brown rice and sauteed mushrooms.  Next time, I'll cook more shrimp because I forgot how much in shrinks when you cook it.  And Clete didn't eat lunch yesterday, so he got the majority of the meat.  I will definitely do shrimp with this marinade again.  I am also looking forward to trying chicken with it soon.  I still have enough left for one more dinner, and will definitely buy it again.  So it comes as a high recommendation from me!  And shrimp is super low in calories... you get like 3 oz for 70 calories or something super low like that (for weight watchers, I believe it's 1 points+ per ounce).  Hope if you try it, you'll enjoy too!  until next time...xoxo

*ps- I am now just counting calories instead of points.  I've found a FREE app on my phone that is great!  "My Fitness Pal"  We all know that it's just burning more calories than we eat to see the scale go down.  I decided this was better for me, instead of paying each month just to use the weight watchers app because I cannot find a meeting that I like. Check it out if you have a smart phone.  :)


celebrating mr. & mrs. brown!

We spent this past weekend in Ft. Worth, Texas celebrating with the new, Mr. & Mrs. Charley Brown!  We had a great weekend.  It was filled with lots of fun, laughter, celebration and love.

We hit the road slightly after noon on Friday.  Clete was a groomsman in the wedding, so we needed to be in town by 5:30PM.  
We arrived around to Ft. Worth around 4PM, checked into our hotel and got ready for rehearsal. Rehearsal started shortly after 5:30PM and ended about 6:15PM.  We then ventured to the rehearsal dinner at Catina Laredo.  It was pouring rain, and we walked since everything was downtown and in walking distance.  Luckily, I had an umbrella in my purse!  After dinner, we went out with friends.  We ended up at Pete's Piano Bar for the majority of the night.  It's such a fun place!  
After a night out on the town, we arrived back at our room about 3AM.  We may or may not have had a little too much fun, but we were smart and there was no driving.  It was a fun night with great friends from Clete's childhood.

Saturday morning we slept in.  We needed the sleep from our late night out.  I finally got up around 11AM and headed down to Corner Bakery at the bottom of our hotel to grab us some lunch.  We spent most of the day lounging around until it was time to get ready for the wedding.  Clete had to be there at 4PM, but I waited around and met our friends at 6PM.  The wedding was very nice and beautiful.  A beautiful celebration for a beautiful couple!
The wedding ended around 11:30PM and we all decided to call it a night.  We had way too much the night before, and were all still feeling it.  I guess that's what happens when you get old.  ha!  
Sunday we slept in again, and then got around to leave.  We checked out of our hotel around noon and then headed down to the Ft. Worth Stockyards.  We've heard a lot about it, so we decided to go check it out.  It was pretty neat, but would probably be a lot more exciting in the evening.  We ate some Texas BBQ, looked around the little shops and made a stop at Billy Bobs since everyone talks about it.  It was a good little afternoon with my husband.  :)
After visiting the stockyards, I of course wanted to visit a mall.  My husband was a good sport, and took me to Grapevine Mills.  I got a new pair of jeans and some new black flats for fall.  We then started to venture home, and of course Clete wanted to stop at Windstar because they have digital roulette.  Since he was a good sport about shopping, I agreed to stop.  We broke even, so that was a successful stop.  Would have been nice to come out with more, but at least we didn't lose any.  ( I actually lost, and Clete won... but together we broke even.  ;) We got home a little before 10PM last night.  

It was a great weekend with friends in Texas, and lots of good times were had!  We are blessed to call Charley and Mandee friends, and are happy we got to celebrate & witness the beginning of their marriage.  We wish them many years of happiness together!  until next time...xoxo


think i found it.

i think it finally hit me last night and definitely this morning... i think i have found my motivation again.  when i tried on a dress and a pair of pants that fit about 3 months ago and no longer do, i decided that it's time to do something again.  it's so annoying, frustrating, disgusting and depressing that i've let this happen, but i must just look ahead and move forward.  can't turn back, or change the past.  it's happened.  i've put on about 10-15 lbs since we got married, even though i swore to myself i wouldn't let marriage do that to me.  but i did.  i guess it's just something that happens, because Clete has put on a few lbs himself too. you get married, your comfortable, you don't have to worry about impressing others, so you start eating and bam... your jeans are too tight.  ouch!
so it's time to come up with a plan of action.  we both need to be healthy, and lose a few pounds.  i have about 20 to lose, and he has 5-10.  we can do it because we've done it before. here is my plan of action:
1. first things first.  get rid of the junk! clean out our pantry, freezer and fridge.  if it isn't something we should be eating... trash it!  i plan on doing this tonight.  i need all temptations out of our house.
2. continue getting active.  i've been doing bootcamp 3 mornings a week, but i need to be doing more.  we've talked about joining a gym together.  i could go on wednesday and friday mornings when i don't have bootcamp, and saturdays we could go together.  i also would like to start jogging... just need to find ways to be more active and get a decent workout in at least 5 days a week.
3. cook at home more.  this is most definitely one of our biggest problems. we eat out way too much. and we all know that eating out costs way more calories (and money) than eating at home.  it just doesn't help that i work for one of the best restaurant groups in the okc area and get a comp card each with a good amount each month.  
so that's my current plan of action, and i'm planning to get to work on it pronto.  i have to post this here for accountability for myself.  until next time...xoxo


where does it go?

Motivation... where does it go?  Mine has seemed to left the building, and is no where in sight.  It makes me frustrated, but at the same time I know that I am the only one who can find it.  For some reason lately, that seems to be much easier said than done.  In the spring, I had our wedding coming in June to motivate me.  Getting in the dress, being the center of attention for the day, pictures, honeymoon on the beach... but now that's all over it seems I just can't find it.  I've been eating everything and anything I want, and have put on a few pounds that I NEED to get off. Clete tells me I'm fine how I am, but I am not happy about it and don't feel good.  I will do good for a day or two, but then I just fall right back into the trap.  What motivates you and keeps you going?


10 years later... we will never forget.

Where were you that day?  September 11, 2001.  I was a freshman at Muskogee High School and was sitting in 1st hour when it happened.  It was speech & drama with Ms. Mehew.  Mrs. Wagoner came running into our class yelling turn on the tv, something's happened at the World Trade Center. She turned the TV and we watched the 2nd plane hit.  We learned later in the day about the Pentagon attack and the crash of United 93. There was a MHS alum killed in the Pentagon that day.  It was a day I will never forget, a day that changed this nation forever. It's hard to believe that 10 years have gone by since that tragic day.  May God be with all the families of those who lost their lives, as they still mourn and heal.  May he be with the heroes that were there on the front lines saving lives after the tragic event occurred.  Most of all, may GOD BLESS AMERICA, the land that I am proud to call home.  Let our nation rise together, grow stronger and become united as one.  We will never forget... all our lives were changed that day.  9.11.01



I hope I'm not speaking too soon, but it feels like fall has arrived!  yay!!  The cooler temps (highs in 80s this week), and the crisp mornings are making me a happy girl.  I have also been enjoying hot apple cider the past few days, and I cannot wait until pumpkin spice coffee hits the shelves! Those are just a few fall treats that I enjoy.
I will also probably pull out my fall decor (well, I have to get some first) this weekend if I have time.  I have some ideas I got from Pinterest  on what I'd like to do.  I won't go overboard, but I do have a few places I can sit some things and I have a few things I can change out.  Mid to late September is a good time to put it out, and since we will be gone next weekend for a wedding, I think I will try to do this coming weekend.  
With the cooler weather comes light sweaters, jeans, flats, boots (hopefully it'll get cooler for boots soon), scarves and all that fun stuff...  BUT I need to get my booty in gear because most of my jeans are a little snug.  When I started losing weight in the spring for our wedding, I got rid of my fat jeans and now I need them back because my skinny ones are a little tight, and a bulge does not look cute.  Hopefully fall clothes will help be my motivation for getting this 10 lbs back off, and then losing about 10-15 more.
Hope everyone is having a great week!  It's already Wednesday, so that's a huge plus!!  Enjoy the cooler temps, and get outside since it's beautiful!  until next time... xoxo


3 day weekend...

the 3 day weekend was great!  i started asking myself last night, why can't every weekend be 3 days?  that would be wonderful, but unfortunately we only get those a few times a year... we enjoyed our Labor Day weekend.  we spent most of it with my parents and sister at the lake.

we loaded up Friday evening and hit eastbound I-40 to head to the lake.  we ended up getting in around 10:30PM, so we didn't really do much of anything that evening.  just sat around and talked for a bit before it was time for bed.

Saturday morning, Clete and my dad got up and headed to warner to hit the golf course.  my mom, Katie and myself had breakfast, then Katie and i went to down to the dock to get the boat uncovered and cleaned up for the day.  we then went out with some friends while we waited for Clete and Dad to get back.  they came out and joined us later in the afternoon once they were finished with their golf game.  we made a stop by the cliffs, and Clete decided he was going to jump. he climbed to the highest one and jumped off like he was a pro... he then spent the rest of the evening complaining that his lower back and butt were sore.  
we went back in early that afternoon to ensure that we'd be ready in time to watch football.  we had hamburgers, baked beans, potato salad, 7 layer dip with chips, and homemade ice cream with banana sheet cake for dessert.  it was yummy!  some friends and neighbors came down to my parent's place and joined us for a bit to watch the game.  it was a Sooner victory, and we all went to bed happy that evening.
Sunday morning we woke up and cooler temps had moved in, it was chilly.  we got around, went to lunch and then headed down to the dock.  we then decided it was way too cool and windy to go out on the water.  we had an afternoon snack of ice cream, and went back in to just be lazy a while.  i ended up napping a bit, and then later we loaded up in the car and drove to the other side of the lake for dinner.  we called it a night fairly early Sunday.

Monday we were up about 8AM and Dad cooked a big breakfast.  biscuits and gravy, sausage, eggs... it was delicious!  Clete and i then got around and headed out late morning.  we made a stop in Muskogee to go visit our grandmas.  once in town, we then found out his Granny is gone to Houston so we made a pit stop for lunch at Hamlin's.  after lunch and seeing everyone, we then hit the road.  we ended up getting home around 6PM.  we then had to make a stop at the grocery store and get everything ready for the new work week.  it was a great weekend.  lake, football, family, sun and fun!  until next time... xoxo 



September?  Yes, it is already here.  WOW, this year has flown by!  It's hard for me to believe that we are already in the 9th month of the year.  Christmas is only 3 months away now... it'll be here before we know it.  Have a mentioned I'm ready for cooler weather?  Yes, I am!  I am ready to wear boots, jeans, sweaters, scarves, jackets, etc...  but from the looks of our Oklahoma forecast, it's still going to be a while before that happens.  September is kind of the start of the fall, so I am welcoming it with open arms.  This is the month that kicks off things like college football season, cooler temps (hopefully by the end of the month),  and you start to see pumpkin spice scents and flavors. Here's a few things I'm looking forward to this month:

+month 3 of the shape project bootcamp!  going to get my eating back to healthy, and see good results this month.
+ college football season  BOOMER SOONER!! 
+ the Brown wedding in Ft. Worth, TX
+my mom coming to spend a few days with me while Clete works out of town.

what are your goals or things you're looking forward to this month?  until next time... xoxo

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