this is a blessing.

i'm now well into my third trimester, and every day it seems like my bump grows a little bigger. our little man is now weighing in at over 3 lbs and is around 17 inches in length. with the end of this pregnancy journey approaching {which i'm beyond ready}, i must to continue to remind myself every day that being pregnant is a blessing. every bit of back pain, constantly being exhausted, puffy fingers and toes- it's all a blessing.

this is a blessing because there are plenty women out there is this world that would give anything to be able to carry child. i will never take this opportunity that god has given me for granted. pregnancy is a gift, and i will embrace it- even on the hard days.   

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  1. you're exactly right! you're doing great Lyndi!!!!!!!
    he'll be here before you know it. keep up the good work. ♥


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