Out with the Old, In with the NEW!

As 2013 comes to a close, we all often reflect back on the previous year. We have accomplishments were proud of, goals we met, and most of have flaws that we still need to work on. A new year is one of the best (& easiest) times to set new goals for ourselves- it's just important that we remember to work on those goals as the year goes on.

One thing we've discussed and really want to work on in 2014 is better budgeting. With Mac joining us in just a few months, this will only continue to be more difficult as we will have another person to feed, clothe, etc. We both have good jobs and bring home good paychecks- we just need to be better about saving. I came across this link on Facebook, and this is one of the things we plan to do in 2014 to help save more.

Basically, you save how ever many dollars that week for the week of the year it is. The 1st week of the year, you put back $1. The 10th week, you put back $10. The 42nd week you put back $42, etc... by the end of one year, you will have saved $1,378.00.

We are planning to double this since we're a double income home. We will have one jar for us, and one jar to deposit into Mac's savings. Clete has done the calculation and if we were to follow this plan every year for Mac, by the time he's 18 we will have saved almost $25,000 for him by doing this alone.

I also have a few personal goals for myself to work on...
  • To not stress over things I have no control of. I am extremely guilty of worrying and stressing over things that are beyond my control. I often get worked up over things that are beyond my control or in my power to change. I want to worry less and enjoy more!
  • Spend less time on my iPhone. Let's face it- we live in a tech and social media centered world. Most of us are guilty of jumping on our phones first thing when we wake up and browsing social media right before laying our head on our pillow. I want to change this habit, and not be so "addicted" to my phone.  
  • Always make time for me, and a healthy lifestyle. 2014 will bring about the biggest change of my life yet- I will become a mommy. I couldn't be more excited to fulfill this life long dream, but I also want to remember to make time for myself and for my marriage. It's important for Clete and I to be good examples for Mac- by taking care of ourselves and nourishing our relationship. 
  • Spend more time with God. As I start this next chapter of life, I want to be more engaged in God's word and grow my relationship with him- not just in the times that I need him.

What are your goals for 2014?

Wishing you and yours have a safe and Happy New Year! May 2014 be a year full of health, happiness, prosperity, and blessings!


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