Jamaican Vacation- part 1

We're back! We had a wonderful vacation, but for me it's always nice to be back home. Clete wasn't too thrilled about having to come home yesterday, but I didn't mind too much since the tropical storm was suppose to be arriving sometime today.

This was by far the most relaxing vacation Clete and I have ever taken together. It was nice to be beach bums for 6 days. So here's the recap of how our week in Jamaica went...

Sunday morning our alarm went off at 3:15AM to get ready and head to the airport. We were airport bound a little after 4AM. Once we were checked in and through security, it was a little after 5AM which gave us some down time before our 6:30AM flight. We got lucky, and were upgraded to first class! ;) I think they thought we were honeymooners because we had different last names, (I had not gotten my passport changed yet, so I just booked it under Lyndi McQueen and it worked out fine.) but we were happy with no explanation of why we were upgraded. We made it to Atlanta to find out our flight to Jamaica had been delayed. While we were waiting, I asked if any upgrades were available and we got lucky again! So we got to ride in first class all the way to Jamaica!

We finally arrived to Jamaica a little after 4PM. After customs, baggage claim and finding our reps, it was time to be shuttled to our resort. It was about an hour ride to our resort from the airport. Upon arrival, we were greeted with rum punch while waiting to check in. Once we got to our room, the sun was starting to set so we took it easy the first evening because we were exhausted from traveling all day. We had dinner, found our way around the resort, and then called it night.

Monday I woke Clete up because I thought we had slept til noon, but after looking at my watch we realized it was 5:45AM. The sun rises super early in Jamaica, so the blackout shades came in great for sleeping in. We went back to sleep and slept until about 9AM and the got up for the day. It was raining, so we went to breakfast and enjoyed our view for a while.

After breakfast, we booked an excursion for Tuesday and then spent the rest of the afternoon at the beach. It turned out to be a beautiful day once the rain cleared.


That evening we went to dinner, and then attended the beach party our resort put on. Once the party ended, we walked down the beach and called it a night a little after 11PM.

Tuesday we were up early because it was excursion day! We had breakfast, then went to lobby to wait for our bus. We went to Mystic Mountain which was zip lining and bobsledding through the jungle of Jamaica! It was a BLAST! Clete wasn't too fond of the sky line we had to take to get to the top of the mountain, but after the first ride he was good. 

Bobsledding was so much fun! It was similar to a roller coaster, but you controlled your own speed. Zip lining was my favorite, but unfortunately we didn't get any pics of that. It was an awesome excursion! We made some memories we'll always cherish.

After we played for a bit, we went up to restaurant where we could see all of Ocho Rios while having lunch. They served us jerk chicken with veggies. It was pretty yummy!

After lunch, it was then time to head back to the resort. We took the skyline down and called 
the adventure a done deal... we spent about 4 hours there.

The rest of the afternoon was spent at the beach in the ocean! That evening we had dinner reservations at the steak house, so we showered and refreshed before going to dinner. We had some martinis from the martini bar while we waited, and then headed to the steak house for our reservation. The French Onion soup at the steakhouse was so yummy! One of my favorite things we ate this trip... Once dinner was over, we watched the steel band show down at the entertainment area. It was great show. Tuesday was a great day! 


  1. looks like you guys had a blast!!

    1. Yes, we had a blast! It was great vacation, very relaxing!


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