Triple Berries & Creme.

Who doesn't like dessert? Everyone gets a little sweet tooth every now and then. Well this is an easy and delicious summer dessert that's 0 PPV. YES, ZERO! It being 0 PPV makes it that much better. On my blog post Monday evening I mentioned this, so here is the simple, and super easy recipe!

Triple Berries & Creme.
0 PPV per serving
+ 1 package fresh strawberries
+ 1 small package fresh raspberries
+ handful fresh blackberries
+ 1/4 cup splenda
+ 1/4 cup light or free cool whip
Rinse all berries to get them clean and ready for eating. Slice strawberries and sprinkle with splenda, let them sit for 12 hours to juice. After strawberries have made their own juice, in small ramekins, layer strawberries, raspberries and blackberries. Once ramekin is mostly full, top with a large dolip of light cool whip. ENJOY!
This is a nice light dessert or a great sweet treat to have later in the evening when you get that urge for something.  It's great for this time of year because berries are fantastic right now! until next time. XO

*If you use too much cool whip, it can add PPV. You could also add angel food cake, but it adds PPV as well.

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